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Alex Dunhom


Alex is a junior majoring in International Development and Social Change, with a minor in Political Science and a concentration in Peace Studies. She proudly calls Nashua, New Hampshire home, and loves skiing and spending time with her dog while there. Alex has served as a crisis staffer and as Director of Finance for ClarkMUN VIII and IX respectively, and as a Chair for WooMUN I. She has attended BarMUN, FCMUN, NYUMUNC, and HNMUN competitively, and has received a Diplomatic Commendation at Harvard each year, as well as a Best Delegate Award at FCMUN and an Oustanding Delegate award at NYUMUNC this year. Outside of Model UN, Alex does various political work, having interned on Congresswoman Annie Kuster’s re-election campaign, and for the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. Most recently, she spent her summer interning in the U.S. Senate.

Alex's Favorite Song

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - Taylor Swift