Barrett’s Privateers: The Crew of the Antelope, 1778

Committee Description: In this committee, delegates will assume the role of Royalist Canadian privateers during the American War for Independence in 1778, based loosely off of the fictional crew of the Antelope in Stan Rogers’ famous folk epic Barrett’s Privateers. As a committee, delegates will have to broker power between each other on deck and contend with threats both on and off shore, including Yankee ships, Old World empires, and perhaps even folkloric foes. Will ye find fame and fortune cruising the seas for American gold, or will ye be left broken on a Halifax pier, the last of Barrett’s Privateers?

Background Guide
Meet the Committee Staff
Jonah Clark
Crisis Director

Jonah is a Sophomore studying Political Science at Clark University, and has been an avid fan of sea-shanties and folk songs long before Wellerman made its rounds on Tik Tok. This will be Jonah’s third ClarkMUN, having chaired last year’s Hartford Convention committee virtually while on a gap year, which was otherwise spent working the night shift at a restaurant. Though the “work was hard and the wages low,” the discography of Stan Rogers kept him afloat during his nightly bike-rides to work. Now, much like The Mary Ellen Carter, he has risen again and is excited to return to another conference!