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Peacekeeping Reform

21st century challenges require 21st century responses. Have the UN peacekeeping forces kept up?

The First Committee of the United Nations, also called Disarmament and International Security (DISEC), is the body of the UN responsible for decision-making on disarmament, international security threats, and challenges to world peace. Peacekeeping infrastructure is an important responsibility for DISEC and the UN General Assembly at large, and the role of this committee will be to discuss and take action on possible reforms to UN peacekeeping.


Just as the world is evolving into the 21st century, peacekeeping tactics must evolve as well to fit the challenge. Five main "issues of concerns" were identified in a 2015 report commissioned by

then-Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: improving the contributions of troops to the peacekeeping corps by Security Council nations, ways to focus Security Council mandates for missions so that they fit the specific situation, methods of increasing the usable peacekeeping force, how to address use of force concerns and rules of engagement, and sexual exploitation and abuse by

peacekeepers against civilians. These are the key issues that this convention of DISEC will focus on in particular.

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