DISEC: Nuclear Proliferation of Non-State Actors

Committee Description: Within the international community, nuclear proliferation has taken an almost back seat role compared to other pressing matters like the rise of Islamic extremism, ehe rise of authoritative regimes, or even more transnational issues like climate change. This is largely due to the fact that there is a large deterrent threat larger states pose. In other words, states thinking about an attack with nuclear weapons would have to be willing to also face a nuclear attack from their adversaries, a price no state would actually choose to incur. But non-state actors like terrorist groups aren’t necessarily designated to one place making it extremely concerning if they get access to nuclear material. Some major questions that I want this DISEC committee to address are 1. how to respond if a country reports a missing atomic weapon 2. How do we secure nuclear weapons in times of instability?

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Meet Your Committee Staff
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Adrian Ramirez

Adrian will be your DISEC chair for Clark MUN! Just a little about him, he’s a Mexican-American freshman majoring in Geography and Economics here at Clark. He’s originally from Washington DC but has lived in Zambia, DRC, and Honduras for most of his life. Due to the fact that he’s moved around to all these different countries, he can speak three languages: English, Spanish, French. Adrian has some MUN experience, he’s competed at THIMUN in the Hague, PANAMUN in Panama, and most recently UPMUNC at the University of Pennsylvania. At Clark, he’s not only a member of MUN but also plays on the tennis team. Adrian is very excited to be Chairing this committee for his first ClarkMUN.

CONTACT: AdRamirez@clarku.edu