Global Poverty Reduction

Economic development and the socioeconomic condition...

This committee is an ECOFIN, a large General Assembly dealing with global finance and economic matters. In this committee, delegates will bring forward solutions aimed at targeting and reducing the causes of global poverty. Examples of such measures include the adoption and adherence to sustainable development goals (SDGs), the facilitation of North-South and South-South cooperation, and the usage of outside donors and resources such as corporations and NGOs. As a whole, delegates will work to provide opportunities for economic growth to impoverished people and improve their economic mobility. Additionally, delegates must recognize links between economic development and socioeconomic condition. Development does not require simply pumping money into an economy: It also necessitates the improvement of conditions for women and other marginalized groups in the workforce, including LGBT individuals, children, and various ethnic and religious minorities. Delegates of both the Global North and South will explore all options and write working papers and draft resolutions aimed at creating sustainable and inclusive development to rising economies.

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Nassim Ali Ahmad


Committee Background Guide

(This is a single-delegate committee)