Filiki Eteria

Committee Description: The year is 1820, you are invited to join the Filiki Eteria, “The Society of Friends.” We are a society located in [REDACTED] Greece. Our members hail from around the provinces, leaders in their respective fields. The Ottomans have held their grip on us for too long, we must unite our fellow Greeks in secret to strike when the time is right. Will you put your life on the line to lay the seeds of revolution, or pursue your own goals through influence and wit? In this society, you control the secrets. 


Should you accept, please recite: “I swear in the name of truth and justice, before the Supreme Being, to guard, by sacrificing my own life, and suffering the hardest."

Background Guide
Meet the Committee Staff
Nassim Ali Ahmad
Crisis Director

Nassim Ali Ahmad is a senior at Clark University studying Economics and Political Science. Outside of the classroom, he is a part of the MENA Student Association and Muslim Student Association. Nassim started MUN in college and is excited for an awesome ClarkMUN! Nassim spends his free time searching for the best shawarma in Worcester, consuming inhuman amounts of bubble tea, and ultimately hoping for the downfall of the cryptocurrency market (sorry, but not sorry). Nassim’s interest in Greek history began as a child, growing up next to a wonderful Greek family (shoutout to the Kennos Family). Since then, Nassim has been passionate about the Middle East and Mediterranean politics. If you see Nassim in public, he will probably be too busy claiming that he is the slightest bit Phoenician.