Futuristic COP35: Latin American and Caribbean States Subcommittee on Environmental Resilience and Climate Change Mitigation

Committee Description: The year is 2030. Little has been done at the global level to mitigate climate change, and at this point the world is following the worst case scenario projections for atmospheric carbon concentrations. This subcommittee of the Latin American and Caribbean States will meet during the COP 35 meeting in the year 2030 in Worcester, Massachusetts, to discuss how to move forward in a time of crisis. Delegates representing LACS, as well as some Non-Governmental Organizations, will discuss unique solutions to different aspects of the climate crisis that is impacting the local environment. This is the time where in-depth analysis and solutions are needed, world politicians have failed at one-size-fits-all solutions in the past. Due to the regionalized nature of this committee, and the emphasis on localized approaches, this committee will discuss environmental aspects pertaining to the LACS area.

Background Guide
Meet the Committee Staff
Cate Brown

Cate is a senior majoring in Environmental Science on the Earth Systems Science track and minoring in Political Science. Outside of academics Cate is the Senior Co-President of the Clark Model United Nations team, is one of the captains of the Clark Varsity Rowing team and works at the Admissions Office and Luxembourg Study Abroad Office. Many would assume that these two areas of interest are completely unrelated, but Cate is able to hop on the aux during both of activities and thoroughly enjoys it. In her free time, Cate walks with her dog, Maxie, sits and thinks about her favorite pet fish, Pablo (Rest In Peace), looks at her stuffed animal octopus named Squid (don’t get it twisted, it is still an octopus), and hangs out with her friends. Cate likes to be one with nature and spends her summers working on Cape Cod. Many argue over what element she would be in Avatar because of her varying traits, so hopefully – along with the parliamentary duties of this committee – delegates will come to agreement on what element Cate is.