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UN Sustainable Development Goal 5

UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 is Gender Equality and to Empower all Women and Girls. This is a bold goal in the current political climate across the globe. The UN estimates that it would take another forty years for women and men to be represented equally in national political leadership. Additionally, more than one in four women have been subjected to intimate partner violence at least once in their lifetime. Furthermore, women account for 39% of total employment (2019), but 45% of global economic losses in 2020. In addition, only 57% of women ages 15-49 are making their own informed decisions on sex and reproductive health care.  


These different barriers women across the world face led them to be at a disadvantage. For a number of social, political, religious, and many other reasons women are put into inferior positions and often risk their own wellbeing. The goal of this committee is to find and implement progressive and aggressive policy to expedite the pace of building a more equal society. The task before you is enormous. I look forward to meeting all of you in March, and if you have any questions in the meantime feel free to reach out!  

Anne Culhane-Williams

Committee Chair

Anne Culhane-Williams is a junior at Clark University double majoring in Political Science and Mathematics, and minoring in History. Anne is from Framingham, Massachusetts. Outside of MUN Anne is also a member of the Clark Rowing team, President of Clark’s Diversity, and Inclusion in Math club, and works part time at a local childcare center in Worcester.  


Anne has been involved with Clark Model UN since her first year at Clark as a travel team delegate, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, and e-board member. This past fall, Anne has been studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, and has taken a break from MUN, so she will be eager to get back to it and be sure to tell you all about Australia and how awesome it is! When she’s not doing math problems or attempting to solve the world’s political issues, she is found drinking lots of coffee and obsessing over the British Royal Family – and will fully except everyone to be caught up on the newest season of The Crown!  


Chair e-mail: 

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