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Rights of Refugee Children in the 21st Century 

The Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee is the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly tasked with the goal of addressing a range of human rights issues that affect the global population. Established in conjunction with the 1945 Declaration of Human Rights, the SOCHUM body aims to address pertinent humanitarian crises in conjunctions with other UN bodies, to tackle issues on a regional and transnational scale.  

The 21st century has seen a continuous increase in the number of displaced persons worldwide, and in 2022, this number surpassed 100 million. The vast scope of refugees also indicates the varying reasons for displacement: climate disasters, political violence, transnational and domestic conflict, and terrorism, to name a few. Delegates will be tasked with both addressing the causes that contribute to displacement as well as solutions for integrating refugees into their destination regions.  

The increasingly dire need for structural changes goes beyond the capabilities of the SOCHUM committee. Delegates are encouraged to tackle barriers to access of humanitarian assistance, taking into consideration existing programs, regional capacities, and sustainability. More specifically, consider how these barriers impact the already disadvantaged: children, the elderly, ethnic and religious minorities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.  

Delegates are encouraged to consider their country’s policies but expand on their nation’s purview to foster cooperation and fruitful debate.  

Zoe Ellingwood

Committee Chair

Zoe is a third-year Political Science and Genocide Studies Major at Clark University. She has been an active member of the Clark Model United Nations team as a chair, vice chair, and travel delegate. Born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany, she embodies a love for the Premier League (go Gunners!) and in her free time, she enjoys traveling to niche historic cities. Having chaired Warren G. Harding’s crisis committee at ClarkMUNXII, she is beyond excited to return to her roots. An avid lover of General Assemblies, Zoe looks forward to seeing collaboration and diplomacy exemplified in the SOCHUM committee, and looks forward to the unique solutions proposed by you all! 

Chair e-mail:

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