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UN Security Council: Apocalypse 

It is 2089, and it is a few months into a zombie apocalypse. The world is in a panic, the leaders don’t know how to resolve the situation, and the ratio of zombies to humans is diminishing by the day. Hunger, infection, and panic are all surging problems for different states alike but are also what is keeping them together. From the beginning of the world to now you haven’t had to worry about the end like it is today, your country's future is on the line. No country by itself is willing to try and find what lab created it, let alone work together to deploy action across different countries for the benefit of humanity. The zombie population is slowly growing as the day goes on, the threat to mankind as we know is at stake, and all hope is diminishing until….. 

Welcome to U.N. Security Council: Apocalypse. A committee dedicated to solving world issues as countries come together by leaders to discuss and act on pressing issues; to maintain peace and security. You have all been tasked with finding the main source of where this zombie apocalypse first occurred and how to bring humanity back together. But be cautious the country whose lab invented what caused this is amongst yourselves. They are in the high ranks among international relations, watch out you don’t want to have your state overshadowed. Luckily, for you all, you are past council leaders who have returned, and no not as zombies. Good luck councilmen! 

Larissa Lenkey

Committee Chair

Larissa Lenkey is a first-year student at Clark planning on majoring in political science with a concentration in International Relations and in Asian Studies. Larissa is originally from Franklin, Indiana. This is Larissa's first year ever doing Model UN. For fun, Larissa really enjoys baking random pastries and making friends try them. Larissa can’t wait to meet you all in committee! 

Chair e-mail:

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