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Percy Jackson: Demigod Battle for Olympus

Attention Demigods, welcome to the battle of your life. For the past few years, Kronos, the king of the Titans, has been assembling an army to overthrow our parents-- the great gods of Olympus. Kronos and the entire Titan family are fighting this battle. His brother Krios is defending Mount Othrys, his brother Oceanus attacked Poseidon, and his brother Hyperion joined Kronos’ forces in Manhattan. Additionally, his brother Typhon is distracting all the Olympians. That leaves us as the only people who stand in the way of Kronos’ plan of destroying Olympus and causing it to fade forever. 


Welcome to Percy Jackson: Demigod Battle for Olympus. You and the fellow campers of Camp Half Blood are tasked with defending Olympus. We are in the middle of the war and need decisive actions now. Will we be successful and defend Olympus or will we see the world as we know it crumble forever? Demigods, get ready to fight.  

Mia Levine

Crisis Director

Mia Levine (she/her) is a senior at Clark University double majoring in Sociology and Political Science on the American Government and Public Policy Tract. She has been part of Model United Nations for over 5 years(!)- she did NHSMUN in High School. Some conferences she has competed in include HNMUN, UPMUNC, CMUNNY, and CIAC. At Clark, Mia has been part of ClarkMUN since her first year. She has been a Vice Chair for DISEC, a Chair for a Crisis Committee, and was logistic operator for the Secretariat. Outside of MUN, Mia is the secretary for Clark’s Pre-Law Society and the Co-Editor in Chief of The Scarlet, Clark’s newspaper. When she gets a moment outside of school, she loves talking about her experience abroad in the Netherlands and about her poodle, Briscoe. 

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