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Helpful Sources

Best Delegate

Best Delegate is an organization which compiles information on everything MUN-related. If you have any questions regarding MUN tips + strategies, this website can provide it!

Building a Position Paper

While position papers are not required here at ClarkMUN, we highly suggest that our participating delegates write one! Not only do they count towards our Book Award, but position papers help with research and understanding the topics. We suggest our delegates follow these guidelines when writing a position paper. 


Giving speeches can be intimidating and sometimes difficult to prepare for. Here are a few good tips when giving a speech during committee!



An essential part of Model UN is prepping before a conference. In order to do well, delegates must take steps to learn about their committee topic and have the ability to speak informatively about it. This link provides some insight into pre-committee preparation! 

Parliamentary Procedure 

Pretty much anything that happens during committee is within what is called Parliamentary Procedure. These are the rules and order through which debates and caucuses are organized. We highly suggest you follow these outlines when learning about Parli-pro!

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