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King Arthur's Round Table

Only time will tell if the greatest threat to the kingdom is external, or if it comes from the plots of its own power hungry nobles.

In the year 410 CE, Emperor Honorius withdrew the last Roman legions from Britain and told its inhabitants to fend for themselves. The island soon fell into a state of disarray, as warlords fractured the island into petty kingdoms and the Picts, Scotti, and Irish plundered its coasts. Tradition holds that in 429 CE, the villainous King Vortigern invited three Saxon long ships to help deal with the invaders, but they soon realized the weakened state of their employers and planned an invasion of their own. At the treachery of the Long Knives, Saxon brothers Hengist and Horsa slew most of the British nobility and quickly conquered the undefended island. It is during this period that the story of King Arthur emerged, the tale of a powerful military leader capable of driving out the Saxons and restoring British rule throughout the island.

Our crisis committee takes place in these dark times, where the line between myth and history is often blurred. Drawing from Welsh legend, the Post-Vulgate Arthurian tradition, and Late-Roman history, this committee simulates the court of King Arthur after the unification of Britain. Delegates will work to address pressing issues within the newly formed kingdom, passing directives to determine how it will structure itself. Britain is divided across tribal and religious lines. As Celtic and Germanic invaders struggle to integrate into or oppose the new government, the Britons are divided between the rural Cymric tribes and their Romanized urban cousins. Although the pagans were conquered in the name of the Catholic Church, many islanders still cling to Druidic tradition, while Pelagian heretics offer a radical alternative to the Church’s hierarchy.


The warlords must now determine their rights and powers under their new liege Arthur as some peasants question whether strange women lying in ponds and distributing swords is any basis for a government. Like any good Arthurian story, this committee will also deal in part with the supernatural, as the Knights of the Round Table quest for ancient relics and come face to face with sorcerers, giants, and mythical beasts. Using their wits and a pen, delegates will develop their characters’ stories outside of the room through crisis notes, as they debate each new turn of events in room and work together on directives to rebuild Britain.

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