Online Crisis: League of Oil Tycoons

PLEASE NOTE: This committee will be conducted entirely over Zoom and Slack and available only to schools that choose the online option upon registration. 

Committee Description: The year is 2030, global warming has finally caught up with the world and Florida is lost. Rising sea levels and extreme weather events threaten states and individuals alike, but most importantly they imperil your profits. For the first time, your livelihood as an oil tycoon is on the line... Nobody seems to want to buy a Hummer anymore, much less heat their houses with some of your finest ozone melting gas. World leaders have gathered to put an end to fossil fuel consumption once and for all, things are looking grim for your profit margins. All seems lost, that is until now…


Welcome to the League of Oil Tycoons, a league entirely dedicated to the most ethical, caring, and wealthy of individuals. You have all been tasked with getting oil back on the menu whatever the costs. But be wary, the governments of the world, renewable energy companies, and God forbid, environmentalists, will stop at nothing to see that oil goes the way of the dinosaurs, and no I don't mean back into fossil fuel! Fortunately for you gentlemen, the resurrected corpses of several of history's greatest oil tycoons have come to help you in your venture to calcify the ocean and punch a hole in the ozone. Onwards brave oil tycoons!

Background Guide
Meet the Committee Staff
Alec Hoffman
Crisis Director

Hello, delegates! I am Alec Hoffman and I will be your Crisis Director for the League of Oil Tycoons. I am incredibly excited about this committee as I have always loved to play the bad guy in the collegiate Model UN circuit. Thus, I conspired to direct an entire committee wherein every delegate gets to be a supervillain in their own right. Further, I am also excited to be able to direct my committee virtually as I caught a terrible case of being over 5,500 miles away from campus. Thus, I have the pleasure to announce that the League of Oil Tycoons will be the first-ever ClarkMUN committee to be hosted in an internet café in Amman, Jordan! However, enough about ClarkMUN and a little about me: I am a current junior, double majoring in comparative political science and history with a concentration on the Middle East. I have been doing Model UN since my freshman year and am currently one of the sitting co-Presidents of the Clark MUN team. Aside from MUN, I am a runner for the Clark University Cross Country team, a casual coffee-snob, an avid albeit, terrible chef, and aquarium enthusiast. Thank you and I cannot wait to see you all at ClarkMUN XII!