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Position Papers

ClarkMUN does not require position papers and we will not take their submission into account when deciding delegate awards for each committee.


We will, however, make a point of saying that the process of writing a position paper can help to organize one’s thoughts and lead to more cogent and compelling arguments in committee and more detailed and daring schemes in crisis—both of the kind that earn awards. Position papers can also serve as useful points of reference, summarizing one’s research and analysis of a topic.


Our policy neither penalizes those who can perform well without writing position papers beforehand nor precludes anyone from writing papers voluntarily, instead leaving it to each individual delegate (or advisor) to decide whether they need or want to write them and, indeed, whether they have the time to do so considering their other commitments, academic or otherwise.

The deadline to submit position papers is Monday, November 11th at midnight.

Position papers can be submitted directly to your chair or to Please use the subject line: Committee_Country_School (such as DISEC_Monaco_CentralHigh).

The ClarkMUN Book Prize, which consists of a certificate and a book of the Secretary-General's choosing, goes to the one delegate at our conference who writes the best position paper at ClarkMUN. The Book Prize is completely independent of delegate awards so it neither disqualifies you from winning an award nor increases your likelihood of winning one. It exists to recognize the very best of pre-conference delegate work, guaranteeing that those who do write position papers can still be rewarded for their efforts.

Find our full policy and deadline for position papers here.