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San Francisco: 1978

"...A city not unlike San Francisco..."

In his eight and a half hour long, Tony award winning tour de force Angels in America, playwright Tony Kushner described heaven as “a city not unlike san Francisco”. Of course, for as many people as San Francisco represented a modern day heaven, it also represented a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, the physical manifestation of a rising, Godless class of sexual deviants and drug addicts, pouring forth to destroy the traditional family values and the American people with them. In reality, San Francisco was neither a heaven nor a hell on earth; it was a city that, like all cities before it, was full of lost and desperate people looking to make their mark.

During this committee, you will have the opportunity to impose your own vision on the City of Love in one of the most violent decades in San Francisco history as you take on the roles of council members, politicians and activists. This committee will start with the swearing in of Harvey Milk in January and will continue through to his political assassination and Jonestown suicides in November of the same year. Topics discussed will include the fallout from the hippie movement of the late sixties, the massive Chinese immigration of the mid-seventies and the rise of the gay rights movement.

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