The Hartford Convention

The Convention of New England Federalists in 1814

"Ain't no party like a Federalist Party..."

The year is 1814. After years of grueling war with Great Britain and growing tensions with the rivaling Democratic-Republican Party, representatives of the New England Federalist Party have secretly assembled in Hartford, Connecticut for a series of meetings to discuss their plight. With an economy crippled by war, a population growing all the more desperate and angry, and a national capital held tight in the grip of the Democratic-Republicans, fears have grown that the Northeast itself is nearing total collapse, or even secession. With the region on the cusp of ruin, delegates from five New England states have been tasked with creating solutions. Now, it is up to the Hartford Convention Committee not only to restore the political prowess of the Federalist Party, but to resolve the existential catastrophes facing the Northeast. Will history declare you restorers of peace in the New World, or as traitors to the Union you helped create less than a century ago?

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Jonah Clark



Alex Dunhom

Crisis Director

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(This is a single-delegate committee)