Tombstone, 1880

Lead-up to the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

The American West's best-known gunfight...

Following years of economic recession and civil strife, numerous Americans made their way west to the town of Tombstone, Arizona to settle and either raise cattle or participate in the booming silver mining industry in Cochise County.  The town’s rapid growth led to the development of a robust service industry, with numerous saloons, theaters, gambling dens, and other, less reputable establishments establishing themselves in the region. The town attracted numerous big personalities, including the Earp family and Doc Holliday, who, along with many of the wealthy townsfolk, came into frequent conflict with the rural cattle barons and their loosely organized crime syndicate known as the Cowboys. These opposed business interests clashed before a backdrop of exploitation and dispossession, with the rights of mine workers, the indigenous Apache, women, and people of color being ignored.


This committee starts a year after the founding of Tombstone and will loosely follow a timeline centered around the political drama leading up to and after the American West’s best-known gunfight. Delegates will represent historical figures and characters living in the town of Tombstone at this time and debate issues as diverse as cattle rustling, regulating commerce, gun laws, land sovereignty, and voting rights as they compete for political influence in the town. Being a crisis committee, delegates should also be prepared for assassinations, trials, and elections—all events which they can influence. Will the town of Tombstone prosper and live up to the democratic ideals of its nation, or will it perish due to greed and corruption?

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Joe Spaziano


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Jacob Bilsky

Crisis Director

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(This is a single-delegate committee)