Trees, Trees, Trees

Shaping the future of the environmental movement...

In 2006, The Billion Tree Campaign was launched, inspired by an environmental movement started in Africa in 1977 called The Green Belt Movement. Now, fourteen years later, delegates will be encouraged to look back and evaluate the success of this environmental program and many others. The rising need to stop climate change has sparked considerable environmental movements (and considerable backlash). Delegates should come prepared to discuss how the UN should be trying to shape the future of the environmental movement, considering the ethical and practical ramifications of past solutions and UN actions. This historic meeting of the UNEP will try to answer questions such as: Should the UN prioritize stopping deforestation or planting new trees? How should deforestation be halted -- through global carbon markets? Through international agreements like the Paris Accords? What are the moral or scientific ramifications about “biopiracy”? What role should private corporations or foreign nationals play in conservation efforts globally?

Sadie Murray


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