The Fate of Kashmir

A war on the roof of the world…

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is the most powerful organ of the United Nations, charged with ensuring and protecting international peace. The UNSC’s role is to investigate the greatest threats to the global world order, create resolutions for these threats, and enforce their decisions through sanctions, diplomacy, and armed force if necessary. In May of 1999, the UNSC faced one of the greatest tests of it’s long and influential history. India and Pakistan, two freshly minted nuclear powers, are on the brink of war over the mountainous region of Kashmir. On the Kargil Glacier in the Himalayan Mountains, tensions are rising and battle lines are being drawn. Prepare for a high stakes game of power and diplomacy between nations, both large and small. Will you find a way to prevent the first-ever war between nations armed with nuclear weapons, and create a lasting peace between two historic enemies? Delegates, the future of Kashmir lies in your hands.

Meet Your Dais


Wynnie Gross



Ethan Lutz

Crisis Director

Committee Background Guide

(This is a double-delegate committee)