Warren G. Harding's Cabinet

Committee Description: After the Great War, life was good. The stock market was booming, technology was progressing at an unprecedented rate, amenities such as televisions and cars were becoming more readily available, and copious amounts of scandal and political corruption were choking up the government. Despite its advancement and flair, the Roaring Twenties merely covered up a variety of issues tearing America apart from within. The booming market merely delayed the inevitable economic collapse, the First Red Scare overrode the American right to free speech and expression, and the labor movement became increasingly at odds with the large corporations that sought to retain power following the Progressive Era. At the center of it all is the Cabinet of Warren G. Harding, the new administration elected in 1920 and tasked with doing the impossible: Uniting America across divisions of race, wealth, labor, culture, ethnicity, and technological change at a critical period of world history. What could possibly go wrong? That is for you to decide.

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Meet the Committee Staff
Evan Medcraft
Crisis Director

Evan is a senior majoring in political science with a concentration in American government and law. All law school may be in his future, he is keeping his options open and has interned on Congressional campaigns, for his representative, and at the Worcester County District Attorney. Evan is the Chief of Administration for Clark Model UN in addition to competing on the school travel team and served as the Undersecretary of Committees at ClarkMUN XI last year. At Clark, he is working on a senior thesis, plays on the Clark club soccer team, and does research for the Clark Political Science Department. This is Evan's last ClarkMUN and his first time as a crisis director, and he cannot wait to welcome everyone to Worcester this year!

CONTACT: EMedcraft@clarku.edu