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About Our Conference

About ClarkMUN

Clark Model United Nations is a one-day international relations simulation. The conference is run by undergraduates at Clark and attracts high schools from around the Northeast.

At ClarkMUN, students debate and discuss a wide range of issues in a correspondingly diverse set of committees. Delegates may find themselves in another land or another time, in a large committee or a small one, and working in either a traditional or a crisis setting. Regardless, our conference strives to make an impact on students by providing a thoroughly engaging educational experience.

Clark University’s motto is “Challenge Convention. Change Our World.” It is with that in mind that we prepare unconventional and inventive scenarios each year that invite delegates to shape the course of world events. Be it in a committee of the United Nations General Assembly, in a government cabinet, on a corporate board, or in some other body, students will learn to steer deliberations and lead decision-making by actually doing so. Along they way they will also develop and hone their public speaking, writing, and negotiating skills.

Our greatest strength by far is our people. Clarkies are deeply passionate about what they do and they communicate that passion over the course of each conference. The members​ of our Secretariat and staff come from around the country and the globe. They win awards at conferences regularly and a few have even interned at the United Nations itself. All are eager to share their experience and are dedicated to creating a conference that is memorable and authentic for delegates.

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