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Ava Brehm
Crisis Director

Ava is a freshman at Clark University studying Data Science with a psychology track. This is Ava's first year on the Clark MUN team and first year helping with ClarkMUN!  Ava is from Burlington Massachusetts and has been doing Model UN since her sophomore year of high school and is excited to extend it into college. Ava is excited to see how the fun, creative ideas, and solutions everyone will bring come to life!


The Ultron Paradox: Age of Ultron Alternate Universe

In this alternate reality, Ultron has triumphed over the Avengers and established dominance over the world. With humanity struggling to survive, a resistance is forming, The Revengers, seeking ways to reclaim control. The world faces a dystopian landscape with technology-driven oppression, environmental degradation, and fractured geopolitical relations. It has now been 10 years since Ultron's victory, 2025, giving the world time to adapt to this new reality. But will the Revengers be successful at bringing humanity back or will mankind as a whole disappear?

Background Guide

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