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Brady Kershaw
Crisis Director

Brady is a first year at Clark studying Theatre Arts. This is Brady’s first year on the Clark Model UN Team, and his first year as a CD at ClarkMUN. Brady is from Southern New Hampshire. He looks forward to working with you and seeing what you have in store. 


Blood in the Banana Republic: The Guatemalan Coup d'Etat of 1953-54

As the Cold War slowly gets hotter, The United States has determined that its stance on communism will remain hostile, as they attempt to keep the ideology out of the Western Hemisphere. The year is 1953 and President Jacobo Árbenz is the current president of Guatemala. He has allowed for massive land reforms that have allowed the less fortunate to acquire land of their own, he has presented a hand to communist organizations and has allowed them to be recognized, and the West believes that his anti-U.S. agenda makes him a potential communist supporter. The United Fruit Company also had its eyes set on Árbenz, after his land expropriation robbed them of a massive amount of their land. The United Fruit Company turned to the West, and the two began to develop a plan to solve the issue of Árbenz. How will President Árbenz’s cabinet handle the affairs of Guatemala? How will the United Fruit Company and the West deal with potential threats? With rumors of a coup on the horizon, who knows what will become of Guatemala? 

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